Keeping Up With Chanel

Kim, Kanye, and Co. at the Label's Tribeca Film Festival Dinner


Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber   
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If the paparazzi were especially thick at Chanel's Tribeca Film Festival dinner last night at the Odeon, blame new couple Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. KK said she donned double Cs for the occasion and professed deep admiration for Coco Chanel. "As a businesswoman, I love her," Kardashian said. "When we visited her apartment in Paris, we heard about how she sold her name, and how during the war she found the guy she sold it to and bought it back. She's an inspiration."

Not that the room lacked for celebrity wattage. Robert De Niro, co-founder of the festival, held court at one table, and Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber were the center of attention at another. Also in attendance: Leelee Sobieski (a festival juror), Camilla Belle, Val Kilmer, and Kellan Lutz, as well as a roster of art stars.

The annual dinner celebrates the festival's artist program—instead of statuettes, the winners will receive work from the likes of Kara Walker, Walton Ford, and Nathan Sawaya. Cindy Sherman donated an untitled double portrait from 1980. "I don't get to choose who it goes to," she said, "but we're rooting for the Ethiopians." The Ethiopians in question are two teenage track hopefuls who star in director Jerry Rothwell's documentary Town of Runners. "Win a Cindy Sherman?" said Jon Patricof, the festival's president and COO, who professed to having a few favorite docs of his own. "It kind of makes you wish you took up filmmaking, no?"

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