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Heidi Klum Honored at DKMS' Annual Linked Against Blood Cancer Gala


Heidi Klum and Vera Wang   
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"Anyone who can raise this kind of awareness and make me know so much about blood cancer is a big deal," Vera Wang said last night at the sixth annual DKMS Linked Against Blood Cancer Gala. The designer was talking about her friend and the benefit's host, Katharina Harf. "I've been coming to this thing for years because it's such a good cause," Wang went on. "I'd be happy to donate blood, but I'm not sure they'd be able to use it."

The cause, and Harf's hard efforts, lured an impressive group to Cipriani Wall Street—Carolyn Murphy, Anja Rubik, Arizona Muse, and the evening's emcee, Nate Berkus, included. (At one point, Kate Moss even made an appearance via video feed to promote her limited-edition Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick, a bid to "kiss blood cancer goodbye." "Is she not like the coolest person ever?" Berkus asked the crowd. "Ever.") Heidi Klum, who was being honored along with Alejandro Santo Domingo, might have had something to do with the good-looking turnout, too.

"I've never met her before—I'm really excited," Dakota Fanning told before dinner. "I'm a fan and a Project Runway fan; I guess I'm just an overall Heidi Klum fan." Nelly and Ashanti, who arrived together, also seemed hot for Heidi. "I was going to say she's gorgeous, but I didn't want to say it first," said Nelly, turning to Ashanti. "Oh, watch it! She's gorgeous, but I don't know if I would do the nude thing," the songstress said, referring to Klum's latest Allure spread. "I'll leave that to the high fashion models."

It was the supermodel who lifted spirits after the crowd watched an emotional first meeting between 6-year-old blood cancer survivor Gregory Bibb and his mother, and the bone marrow donor, Katelyn D'Entremont, who saved his life. "What we all witnessed here today on the stage was very, very special. You see these kinds of video clips on television, but when you actually see it live for the first time, it really changes things," said Klum. "I met Katie and thought, I want to do something fun with her. I said, 'The only thing I can really do for you is give you a makeover—I want to see you strut your stuff!' "

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