The Only Card You'll Ever Need

ASMALLWORLD celebrates its collaboration with Waris Ahluwalia


Dree Hemingway, Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor, Harley Viera-Newton, Alison Chemla, and Molly Howard   
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Invitation-only social-networking site ASMALLWORLD aims to provide its members with a ready-made community anywhere their travels take them. So it seemed only right that a dinner held Monday night at Haven's Kitchen felt like just that—a community of decidedly downtown minds, from Dustin Yellin and Richard Phillips to Mamie Gummer and Theophilus London to the Oliviers Zahm and Theyskens.

The bash toasted both the brand's mid-May relaunch and Waris Ahluwalia's sleek new membership card design. Ahluwalia cohosted with ASW president and CEO Sabine Heller and bona fide It girl Tali Lennox. "I went to one of their events in Switzerland," she told "I had no idea what to expect, and then I had the best weekend with these amazing people!"

Post-cocktails guests were ushered upstairs to a private dining room for a brief—but spirited—performance by Joshua Bell and a screening of a short brand film featuring Ahluwalia. Between courses of Mediterranean couscous salad and Oaxacan-style chicken, the crowd talked professions, pets, and, of course, summer plans.

Dree Hemingway hoped to embark on a road trip through Spain, France, and Italy. Only a week stood between Misha Nonoo and Morocco, the south of France, and ultimately Texas. We didn't catch where Ahluwalia was headed, but he was already in the ASW spirit. "I've been to thirteen countries…in the past three months!"

Guests capped off the evening with a notably noisy dessert. Using pins (provided), they burst balloons to get at the globe-shaped cake bites within—somehow validating that old maxim that yes, the world is yours if you want it. Or if you're a member of ASMALLWORLD.

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