Political Party Lines

Rocking the Vote With Downtown for Democracy and OHWOW


Audrey Gelman and Lena Dunham   
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It wasn't only pundits getting into the election spirit last night. At the Top of the Standard, where Downtown for Democracy and OHWOW Gallery were celebrating the Pocket Guide to Politics launch, politics was indeed the hot topic. There was even a table laid out for voter registration. "It's so easy to register," Girls' Lena Dunham told "There's really no excuse."

Just moments earlier, Dunham's close friend and one of the evening's hosts Audrey Gelman took the mike to champion voter activism. Later, the Virgins banged out a couple songs on a baby grand piano. It wasn't your usual indie band music, but the guests didn't seem to mind. Mos Def, who took time to throw a couple thumbs up for the camera with Terry Richardson, and Mia Wasikowska, in a printed midriff-baring bustier top, hung out late into the night.

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