Get Me Wardrobe

A Hollywood Crowd Shops the Shops at Target


Emma Roberts, Laure Heriard Dubreuil, and January Jones   
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With the Shops at Target selling dresses inspired by Laure Heriard Dubreuil's lust-inducing closet—all at less than $50—the talk at last night's preview party was naturally about clothes. "I'm totally trying to get in the spring mood," said Theophilus London, who was one of the performers in a lineup that included a surprise set by Wilson Phillips. London was wearing a tropical fish-print Reyn Spooner shirt and a "Sade" logo hat in keeping with Target's bargain ethos: He bought it for $2 in San Francisco on a recent trip.

Emma Roberts walked the red carpet in a cardigan sweater by The Webster for Target, Heriard Dubreuil's shop-in-shop. "It's always fun to inhabit the wardrobe of a character in a movie," said the actress, whose next film is Adult World. "I like to add some of my own pieces too, to make it come to life." January Jones knows a thing or two about character development. Her Betty Draper on Mad Men recently experienced a weight gain courtesy of prosthetics and a real-life pregnancy. "She's not fat, just fuller, to be clear," Jones told "I was very nervous about the reaction, not because she gained weight, but that she look realistic." She looked every inch the off-duty starlet last night. "I'm wearing Madewell, J.Crew, Chanel, and Jimmy Choo," she said. "I dress myself."

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