Gatsby Roars Into Town

It was the 1920s all over again at Baz Luhrmann's big premiere


Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan   
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Big. New York. Premiere. No other way to put it. Warner Bros. pulled out all the stops for The Great Gatsby last night with a black carpet that stretched from Columbus Avenue, through Lincoln Center, to the doors of Avery Fisher Hall. Fans waited in the outdoor balconies overhead, tried to sneak in through the press pit, and even lined up around the block just to catch a glimpse of Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan. And the clothes! The crowd was a flurry of flapper dresses, fur stoles, and bejeweled headbands. "To avoid looking costumey, you've got to wear the real thing, wear vintage," Tommy Hilfiger advised. When Leo and Carey finally arrived, they weren't in period dress, but both were looking forward to letting loose, twenties-style, at the after-party at the Plaza. Said Mulligan: "It's funny, because Zelda and Scott Fitzgerald used to go get drunk at the Plaza all the time, and they once famously jumped in the fountain outside." Were she and Leo planning a reprise? DiCaprio grinned, "Absolutely not. I mean, maybe if she initiates it." Mulligan added, "We'll see how things go."

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