Frieze the Day

After-partying with the art-fair crowd


James Kaliardos, Kiara Kabukuru, and Cecilia Dean   
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Fashion and art have a habit of finding each other, as they did on the third floor of Bergdorf Goodman's men's boutique on Friday night. Enlisting Dries Van Noten as its cohost, the retailer invited the likes of Nan Goldin and Elizabeth Peyton to dinner to fete Frieze New York, as well as Ethan Wagner and Thea Westreich Wagner's new book, Collecting Art for Love, Money, and More. Van Noten paid a visit to Frieze before heading to the party. "It was my first time here, and actually, I think I prefer it to London," said the designer, noting that he appreciated the creativity and the ease of the fair. When guests nestled into their spots at the seemingly mile-long dinner table, Van Noten's friend of more than twenty years, Maria Cornejo, slid into the spot next to him. "My favorite thing about Dries is that he's a man, but he really knows how to make clothes for a woman," she said.

On Saturday, friends of Paddle8 and Bulgari crammed into new Greenwich Village eatery Carbone to count down the final hours of the online auction Vanguard, which Los Angeles Nomadic Division (LAND) curated to raise funds for upcoming public art projects in locations from New York to Shanghai. "The art world has been mostly resistant to the Internet, but no one can resist it forever," said Simon de Pury, who had come to auction off a few pieces in the flesh. "It's been very exciting to see companies like Paddle8 position themselves online—it's going to completely transform the landscape of the market."

Farther downtown, at the Clocktower Gallery, Visionaire threw a bash with G-Shock in honor of its sixty-third issue. "Forever," as the new release is called, weighs in at eight pounds of stainless steel and consists of just ten plates, and it was no easy feat translating 2-D images into 3-D renderings to be made into molds. "There's a reason why there aren't all-metal publications out there," editor Cecilia Dean told "It's a difficult process, especially if you're doing a body or a face that's supposed to be beautiful or recognizable."

In keeping with the theme, the space was lined entirely with tinfoil, all of the cocktails were mixed with drinkable glitter, and the dress code read, "sparkle." Dean wore a custom Ohne Titel dress with a mirrored mosaic skirt, Ladyfag made a Reynolds Wrap bandeau, and Sofia Sanchez de Barrenechea's embellished Chanel wedges set off the metal detectors at security.

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