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Johan Lindeberg and Chloë Sevigny toast their new vodka campaign


Chloë Sevigny and Johan Lindeberg   
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Plenty of New York designers take time to raise a glass with the pretty people, but few are as devoted to the fashion world's after-dark circuit as Johan Lindeberg. Whether it's in the name of finding inspiration for his denim label, BLK DNM, or having a plain old good time, the sought-after Swede tends to turn up at all the right open bars and soft-opened downtown clubs.

Logical, then, that an enterprising booze label like Absolut—which was, after all, partnering with Keith Haring and Andy Warhol way back before Lindeberg was even in the fashion game—would tap this branding maestro and ardent party pilgrim. Recently, the liquor giant named Lindeberg creative director of Absolut Elyx, its high-end new vodka. Lindeberg shot the campaign—a first for him—with Chloë Sevigny as the face of it. Both were on hand last night at a launch party in the Meatpacking District.

For Sevigny, the gig seemed to have been a breeze. "I got to put my iPod on, we drank some vodka, and took some photos—it was very casual," she told "It didn't feel as pressured as a [regular] photo shoot, which is weird, because usually in advertising there are so many people involved and putting their two cents in."

Eight-foot images of Sevigny served as the primary decoration inside the venue, which was chockablock with rusty beams and exposed brick. Complementing the raw space was a raw bar, which lured the likes of Mario Sorrenti and DJ Tiesto with oysters and osetra caviar—and, naturally, the drink of the evening in various forms.

No floating gold flakes or talk of diamond filtering for this crowd, though. "I wanted Elyx to be the opposite of all these bling-bling cultures being created around vodka brands," Lindeberg explained. And in a way, his no-nonsense approach to drinking the stuff lends credence to the cause. "I like it either straight, or with soda," he said. "I'm not a sweet guy."

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