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Lykke Li detests dresses, Madonna likes a tipple, and more things we learned at MoMA's Party in the Garden


Lykke Li, performing   
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Lykke Li hates dresses. At least that's what she told us before she took the stage to premiere some of her new music at MoMA's Party in the Garden last night: "I don't find them comfortable. I never wear dresses, so why would I wear one tonight? I wore this instead." "This" was a boyfriend-proportioned tuxedo jacket of her own design from a recent collaboration with Swedish brand & Other Stories. Her sister and stylist, Zara Zachrisson, showed support by spending the night by her side in a coordinating tux.

Another woman wearing a look of her own design was Ariana Rockefeller, who admitted that getting dressed for the occasion was a bit stressful. After all, family expectations were high—her great-grandmother founded MoMA: "I tried to wear something that I thought she would like, that would make her proud. She was a woman of very specific taste."

That's the thing about MoMA's Party in the Garden—it's an occasion that brings together generations of the museum's supporters. Although the seated dinner honoring Daniel Craig, Steve McQueen, and Maja Oeri was attended by some of the more veteran patrons of the arts, scores of the museum's younger supporters (Chloë Sevigny among them) filled the sculpture garden for the after-party. So by the time Lykke Li took the stage after 10, the evening was less like a formal gala and more like a relaxed backyard dance party. Even Madonna herself took in the show, swilling straight from a bottle of rosé.

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