Are You Feeling Lucky?

Catching up with Rosie Assoulin, Irene Neuwirth, and more CFDA Swarovski nominees


Irene Neuwirth   
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Plenty of people shy away from the number thirteen, but last night (May 13, as it happens) at Kirna Zabête in Soho, it was everywhere. Editors and designers joined store owners Beth Buccini and Sarah Easley at the boutique to toast the 2014 CFDA Swarovski Emerging Talent Award nominees and to see their one-of-a-kind crystal creations, inspired by the theme Lucky 13. Swarovski is celebrating its thirteen-year partnership with the CFDA—a fortuitous thirteen years, indeed, for all the talents who have benefitted from the brand's support.

L.A.-based jewelry maker Irene Neuwirth said that her skateboard, made of thirteen different shades of crystals, took more than seventy hours to make. "I was taking Super Glue and making a dot and putting on each one." Does the native Californian skate? "I do, sometimes, but not very eloquently." Todd Snyder also created a piece inspired by a hobby: a bedazzled Brooklyn Nets basketball jersey. "I used to play in the city league in Iowa growing up, and thirteen was my lucky number," he said. "Obviously, a city league jersey isn't as chic as a Brooklyn one, so I went with the Nets…I am hoping Jay Z outbids me for it." All proceeds from the auction running on Gavel&Grand through June 2 will benefit Free Arts NYC, which provides art education to children.

If anyone was feeling like they might need a good-luck talisman at the actual awards next month, they weren't showing it. "No, we aren't really nervous, we're just going with it," said very calm first-time nominee Rosie Assoulin. She paused for a second, cracked a smile, and added, "I am lying, by the way."

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