More Sex, Less City

SJP and Co. Put On the Razzle-Dazzle for SATC 2 Premiere


Sarah Jessica Parker   
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The world premiere may have been in New York—"here at home, where we were born," in Sarah Jessica Parker's words—and the opening-credits sequence has the famous foursome reuniting (where else?) at Bergdorf's, but with the bulk of the film taking place over the course of an extremely luxurious vacation in Abu Dhabi, this sequel has more sex than city. Harem-inspired fashions, punch lines involving water pipes and camel anatomy, and a rather wishful version of a traveling Australian rugby team are just the tip of the sand dune. No, the characters aren't as young and restless as they once were, but that hasn't affected Patricia Field's costume choices. "It's a liberty I take, because I master it," she told us.

At the after-party at Lincoln Center's Damrosch Park, where the carpeted pathway was illuminated by Moroccan lanterns and spread with rose petals, Peter Som conceded he'd been charmed by one of Field's more elaborate fantasies. "I love the idea of wearing a ball gown into the souk," he said.

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