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Kalup Linzy Headlines the Whitney Art Party


Kate Bosworth and Olivier Theyskens   
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Kate Bosworth and Olivier Theyskens tend to get together early in the day. "We're more about breakfast: coffee, croissants," the designer said at last night's Whitney Art Party. He'd just ordered Champagne; Bosworth, at his side, was awaiting a vodka soda. The music was pounding and photographers were clamoring for more photos of them. Clearly, this was a different type of hangout session.

In a neighborly gesture, Theory (along with Saks Fifth Avenue) co-sponsored the museum's spring fundraiser—the brand's global headquarters are on Gansevoort Street, site of the Whitney space slated to open in 2015. "I see it being built from the windows," Theyksens said. When the museum is done, the thinking goes, the Meatpacking will officially be as much of a before-dark destination as an after-dark one, an idea Bosworth cutely tied back to Theyskens. "If there's ever a collection that I want to wear from day to night, it's his," she said.

Speaking of cute: Yigal Azrouël told that he's engaged to be married in November. The handsome designer proposed "right after spin class, so I wasn't prepared," his fiancée, Laura Vidrequin, reported. The two of them migrated into the main room to watch Kalup Linzy sing on a stage that had been mocked up as a memorial service for Taiwan, one of the performance artist's many dramatis personae. At the end of Linzy's set, a coffin opened up to reveal not a corpse but a pile of edible flowers.

Guests who had the energy (and the invite) headed up to the after-party at the new Bungalow 8 revamp on West 16th Street: a legendary club that's apparently not dead after all but about to blossom anew.

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