Kudos to Karan

Sarah Jessica Parker, Rachel Roy, and More Toast Donna


Donna Karan and Andy Cohen   
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The modern designer, in case you didn't realize it, does more than just make dresses. Take Donna Karan, who was recognized for her commitment to charity Tuesday night at the Friends in Deed benefit at Balthazar. "I like how they care for the patient—not just the disease," she said of her dedication to the cause. "They understand that care needs to go beyond the sickness to the friends and loved ones." Joining Karan were Sarah Jessica Parker, David and Sybil Yurman, Rachel Roy, and Karan's fellow honoree, Bravo exec Andy Cohen. (Apparently, entertainment professionals can do more than just make reality shows about Real Housewives and Kathy Griffin.) After dinner, the designer and tablemates like daughter Gaby Karan de Felice and Ingrid Sischy were entertained by a magician. "It's sometimes awkward to be honored for these things, because it should feel like second nature," Karan reasoned, as the conjurer pulled out her card, the Queen of Hearts. "But I don't mind if they're fun, like this one."

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