Shooting in Key Largo. Swamp Tours in Louisiana?

How Chloë Sevigny and Kate Mara are spending their summers, and other things we learned at Coach's High Line party


Kate Mara, Keri Russell, and Chloë Grace Moretz   
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While the rest of the world watched yesterday's Brazil-Mexico World Cup game, Coach was busy gearing up for its annual summer party on the High Line. "The World Cup? I haven't watched it once," the brand's creative director, Stuart Vevers, told, as the likes of Chloë Sevigny, Keri Russell, and Kate Mara arrived. "But I was living in Spain for six years and there was no escaping it there." When surprise guest De La Soul performed later in the evening, it became clear that it is music that enthuses Vevers—he jumped up to join the hip-hop trio onstage. Most guests echoed Vevers' sentiments on soccer, but Chloë Grace Moretz was more spirited about sports talk. "I really want Germany or Brazil to go far," she said. "I'm also really into hockey and basketball right now."

As the sun set, partygoers sipped rosé and conversation drifted toward summer travel plans. "Other than filming in Key Largo, I am headed to Austria because my brother is getting married there this summer," reported Sevigny. "I have no wedding duties except maybe a speech or a toast, which I am already terrified about because his friends from high school are hecklers and those kinds of things always make me nervous." Mara, meanwhile, is busy shooting her project The Fantastic Four on location in Louisiana. "I haven't gotten to explore it too much yet, because as soon as I wrap, I just want to go and be in L.A. with my family and my dogs," she said. "I think I should probably go on a swamp tour or something, right?"

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