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Oliver Stone and His Stars Make the Rounds for Savages


Taylor Kitsch, John Travolta, Blake Lively, and Oliver Stone   
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There are two guys, both of whom are in love with one pretty blonde—that's a story we've all heard before. But when Oliver Stone is directing, it's not going to be your average love triangle.

In his new thriller Savages, pot growers played by Aaron Johnson and Taylor Kitsch face off against a Mexican drug cartel, led by Salma Hayek, who kidnapped their mutual girlfriend Blake Lively. Naturally, trouble ensues.

"There's one scene where [my character] puts a gun in his mouth and he's about to kill himself—I think that was probably the toughest one to do," Kitsch (a.k.a. the hunky footballer Tim Riggins in Friday Night Lights) told last night. But it wasn't all blood and guts, he assured us before making his way into the SVA Theatre for the Peggy Siegal-hosted screening. There was also sex (spoiler alert!) in the form of a steamy threesome.

All eyes were on Lively, who wore Gucci on the red carpet. "She's a good cook, I've heard that," Stone said. "She actually cooked for us while shooting the Indonesian scene." As for those rumors about a bong floating around, the director reported, "No, I didn't take a hit because that would've been too dangerous. We had to operate all of our own props." At the Bagatelle after-party in the Meatpacking District, however, a faint whiff of the stuff was floating around the room. "Is someone smoking weed in here?" one cocktail waiter asked another as he sniffed around. How fitting.

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