Farrell v. Galifianakis

Hollywood Takes On Today's Political Circus


Zach Galifianakis and Will Ferrell   
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Funnymen Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis hit the press line at The Campaign premiere last night like the two politicians they play. The "candidates" stayed side by side, fielding questions with the same gusto as Barack Obama or Mitt Romney might. "They've clearly learned some tricks," director Jay Roach told, "like how to make a bad thing sound good and a good thing sound bad—that's politics." Who would win the filmmaker's vote in real life? "Wouldn't you be nervous if those two ran for office?" he responded.

If their on-screen campaign is any indication of their would-be real-world tactics, then our answer is "yes," even if Ferrell did clear one thing on up on the red carpet: "For the record, I didn't actually hit a real baby," he said, alluding to a scene in which he appears to accidentally punch an infant when he and Galifianakis vie to kiss it in front of the press corps. As Jon Hamm passed by, he joked, "I was up for the part [of that baby], actually, but I didn't make the cut.” As for Ferrell's baby-kissing tips, he offered: "Keep a packet of wet wipes on you at all times."

The baby moment was just one of several difficult scenes to shoot. "Those pugs that Zach has in the film were really vicious creatures," said Roach, "they were eating Zach's ankles." And they weren't the only extras with teeth. When prepping for Galifianakis' scene in the Louisiana bayou, the crew had to check that it was alligator-free. "We had nets and divers looking for the alligators, but then the locals saw us doing it and said, 'You know the alligators are asleep this time of year, right?' We were just trying to make sure Zach didn't get eaten."


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