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A starry turnout at the New York premiere of Lovelace


Amanda Seyfried, in Givenchy.   
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The Cinema Society screening of Lovelace last night was the final nail in the coffin for the infamous adult film Deep Throat. The biopic about Linda Lovelace—or, rather Linda Marchiano, as Gloria Steinem was quick to correct—stars Amanda Seyfried in what the actress called her most difficult role to date: a woman trapped in an abusive marriage and forced into porn. Steinem, who never saw Deep Throat when it came out in 1972, because she chose instead to picket outside movie theaters in protest, said, "It's horrible. In Deep Throat, you can see Linda's bruises!"

Extricating herself from the part proved more difficult than Seyfried had anticipated. She told that after production wrapped, she spent her time "just sitting and painting" for the three weeks before she started working on Les Misérables. But despite the challenges, she does feel like the film is a victory, if for no other reason than the fact that Marchiano's grown children came out in support. "I can't even believe the people that connected around the film," said Seyfried, pausing mid-interview to point at Steinem. "God, I'm just so proud of us for making this."

As much as she tried to depict the film as a group effort, the cast was unanimous: The movie works because of Seyfried's performance. Zachary Quinto thinks she's one of the best actresses working today. "Amanda is willing and able to occupy many different bodies and personas, and do it with authenticity," he said. "I've seen a lot of her work, and I'm never underwhelmed."

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