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The fashion pack has Scott Stringer's back


Scott Stringer and Lena Dunham.   
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"This isn't your typical fashion party," joked a group of editors at last night's Young New York fund-raiser for Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer. The punch line, of course, is that the Maritime Hotel event wasn't technically a fashion party at all, but rather an occasion for young city dwellers to rally support for Stringer—who just happens to have a lot of backing in the fashion and arts community.

"This is very hard. Political conversations are difficult," commented the Man Repeller's Leandra Medine from the moss-covered balcony of the hotel, "but Stringer just seems like the better candidate, considering the women of New York City, the middle class—and the obvious reasons." (Stringer's opponent is Eliot "Client Number 9" Spitzer.) The street-style mainstay spent the night mingling with a host of industry insiders, including Pamela Love, Prabal Gurung, Annabelle Dexter-Jones, Claire Distenfeld, and Chrissie Miller.

"Scott's in support of a lot of small businesses, and I'm definitely a small-business owner," explained The Smile's Carlos Quirarte from the bar, where Terry Richardson had set up shop. "He seems to care about trying to make things easier for us."

Stringer later took to the stage to address the crowd personally, vowing to fight for the middle class (and preserve the garment district), but not before receiving a rousing and quite humorous endorsement from Lena Dunham. "In some elections, we have a real choice between candidates. Maybe they're distinguished by policies or by position papers. But let's be clear: That's not the case in this election," stated Dunham. "This is not a close call. We need a candidate with a record of respecting women and the issues that matter to them. We need a candidate who is going to care about the needs of the next generation of New Yorkers—we can't have our generation's Patti Smith moving to Tampa. In Scott Stringer, we have such a candidate."

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