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Opening Ceremony's Block Party Bash


Solange Knowles and Theophilus London   
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Before Opening Ceremony's invite-only block party celebrating its new Bean Pole x Kim Jones collection even got going last night, people passing by had started to camp along the barricades. Solange Knowles was working the turntables and food trucks were offering Korean street food and Momofuku cookies—naturally, everybody wanted in. "It's a convergence of all the things we love: music, food, and clothes," said O.C. co-founder Carol Lim. "For us, it's just a very typical New York block party." Typical might be arguable here—the hip downtown crowd was stocked with artists, designers, stylists, and scenesters like Shala Monroque, Carlos Quirarte, and Natasha Lyonne. "We have an affinity for Bean Pole because Carol grew up in Korea buying it, and we always support Kim's projects, so it seemed like a perfect match," added Lim's partner Humberto Leon.

Not long after Miss Knowles got the crowd going with a call for a Tootsie Roll dance-off, Theophilus London took the stage. "How many block parties have you all been to this summer?" he asked. "This one will be the best, but if you go to any other good ones, tweet at me so I can be there, too."

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