Nice Day for a White Wedding

Watching Bachelorette With Kirsten Dunst and Crew


Kirsten Dunst, Lizzy Caplan, and Isla Fisher   
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"It's fun to show a film here," first-time filmmaker Leslye Headland told the audience last night at the Landmark Sunshine Theatre screening of her debut movie Bachelorette, hosted by the Peggy Siegal Company and Svedka Vodka. "I used to come here during my NYU days. I came to see Fear and Loathing and I remember I did coke in the bathroom and threw up everywhere," she said. "Actually, I wrote this film while I was living on a couch and working on a blow job monologue."

A memorable introduction, to be sure, and one that could've been a scene from Headland's movie, which stars Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fisher, and Lizzy Caplan as longtime best friends and bridesmaids. No, this flick is nothing like the Kristen Wiig knee-slapper from last year: "It's much, much darker," warned Caplan. "It feels more like a dark, upsetting play."

Make no mistake, though, the actresses had plenty of fun in the process. "When we had to act drunk, we would all stand on the spot and spin; Kirsten taught us how to do that," Fisher reported. According to Dunst, "That was something Allison Janney taught me a while back. You just sort of spin around a lot, feel dizzy so you can't walk right, and you look pretty out of it." At the film's after-party, which was held at the retired strip joint Westway, the girls didn't have to fake it, treating themselves to a real glass of bubbly or two. "We actually ate dinner at the strip club after we filmed the scene in the movie," Dunst reminisced. "It was a little awkward, I admit, but nice of them to treat us."

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