3.1 Phillip Lim for Everyone!

Target celebrates its latest designer collab


Jessica Alba and Solange Knowles.   
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Filling up Spring Studios—the newly opened, cavernous floor-through loft in Tribeca—is no easy feat, but to say the crowd was packed for last night's Phillip Lim for Target launch is no small understatement. Superb people-watching aside, the focal point of the party was an enormous digital screen that ran the length of the space and offered different interactive features, each from a scene shot in a different city. "Instead of thinking about our lives in a bubble," explained Lim, "I wanted to go across the nation and look for local street style and tastemakers, and bring them back here to New York for fashion week. It's incredible." Incredible it was: Blow on some pinwheels here, and balloons on the screen started to move. Hold up your camera phone there, and a seated Mr. Lim turned around to pose with you for a selfie.

When guests weren't busy playing with the installation, they were shopping. One of the first styles to fly off the shelves was a "Boom!" sweater, a riff on the "Ka-Pow!" knit Lim did for Pre-Fall last year. Why so similar? The designer told, "I wanted this project to be parallel to what we do with the main collection, so you can look at it, without seeing the label, and say, 'That is Phillip Lim!'

"The 'Boom!' print is about being an everyday hero," he added. Solange Knowles planned to buy the sweater for her mother, telling, "One minute, she has my sister calling her for baby tips, and the next, I'm calling—I'm buying a house in New Orleans—asking about termite damage! And somehow she makes time to do it all." (Solange's sister, in case you didn't know, is Beyoncé.) If the empty racks at the end of the night are any indication, it looks like this collab is going to be a hit with Target's everyday heroes.

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