Hogs & Heifers & Supermodels

One of these things is not like the others, but it's all about the mix at Derek Blasberg's Paperless Post party


Nicky Hilton, Amy Sacco, Derek Blasberg, and Julia Restoin Roitfeld   
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Hogs & Heifers, the biker bar that's been a Meatpacking District mainstay since the neighborhood actually packed meat, isn't a usual fashion destination. But Derek Blasberg, the writer and former columnist, has always been a master of the high-low mix. So to launch his new "collection" of e-stationery for Paperless Post, he invited the fashionable set to the decidedly gritty spot for a hot-wings-and-champagne bash—despite the fact that half the fashion world was in Paris. "As it turns out, the stationery schedule is not partial to the fashion week schedule," Blasberg said. "It’s a bit humbling to realize that the world doesn’t surround fashion, and a real wake-up call for me, because I plan everything around fashion week."

That's not to say there weren't plenty of stylish friends in attendance. "We have to go inside and have some champagne and wings!” said Karlie Kloss, who stopped by briefly while on her way to the airport, headed to Paris. "I wish I was so fabulous that could be my everyday diet." With that, she bounded inside, right after a short consultation with the bouncer, who was carding everyone from newly 21-year-old Kloss to 58-year-old Iman. (No exceptions—not even for young Cyrus Raein, social fixture Marjorie Gubelmann's son.) Through the doors, everyone from Inez and Vinoodh to Nicky Hilton and Amy Sacco was whooping it up. You'd hardly have known that halfway across the world, Paris fashion week was keeping some would-be revelers away. That's OK, though. They've now got a tailor-made way to send Blasberg a "Thinking of you" note.

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