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Naomi Watts Hits Boot Camp to Play CIA Covert Op Valerie Plame Wilson


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"I had to go to boot camp," Naomi Watts said of her marinelike preparation for the role of covert op Valerie Plame Wilson in the film Fair Game. Like the Pilates version? "Actually, it was the same kind of training that CIA operatives go through," the gorgeous actress said at last night's Cinema Society and Giorgio Armani-sponsored screening. "I had just had a baby, so I had this weight. It was very tough."

The Doug Liman-directed flick—which premiered at Cannes earlier this year—is based on Wilson's memoir of her exposure as CIA during the Bush administration. Then, Wilson and her husband, Ambassador Joe Wilson, were the ultimate Beltway insiders; now, on film, they're played by the ultimate Hollywood elites. (Model Fernanda Motta cooed that she "was there to see Sean Penn" play the ambassador.) Michelle Monaghan—a Liman alum from The Bourne Supremacy—on the other hand, was in it for the action. "Who doesn't like a good spy movie, the twist and turns?" cooed Monaghan. "It's very sexy."

Despite a boot camp-chiseled figure, sexy isn't how the real-life Valerie Plame Wilson would describe the job—though she did add a stylish flourish when she donned Armani for her testimony to Congress at the time. "Oh yeah, we always wear high heels and we always wear designer clothes," Plame joked on the spy game, before the crowd, including Julian Schnabel and Christie Brinkley, headed to Armani/Ristorante for the after-party. But as for how intelligence is actually gathered, there are more effective tools than heels. "Hollywood, of course, has to glamorize things, but I have a particular pet peeve with how women are portrayed," she said. "There's always this sexuality, physicality, guns. The truth is, your brain is your best weapon."

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