Of Lunchboxes and Lawyers

A-listers hit the red carpet for at-risk schoolkids and Ridley Scott's new flick


Liv Tyler, Topaz Page-Green, and Maggie Gyllenhaal   
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There were more than a few surprises at the Lunchbox Fund's Fall Fete at Buddakan last night. David Blaine wowed guests with card tricks early in the evening, REM's Mike Mills won a one-of-a-kind Chuck Close piece in the live auction, and R&B singer Emily King performed live. But the biggest of them all came when Buddakan owner Stephen Starr announced that all thirty-five of his restaurants would participate in Feedie, the Lunchbox Fund's new philanthropic app. Through the app, customers at participating eateries can share a picture of their meal over social media, and for every photo shared, the restaurant will make an automatic donation to help provide daily meals to at-risk children in South Africa. "I had no idea Stephen would announce that tonight," the Fund's founder, Topaz Page-Green, told

Page-Green's co-hosts for the evening included Liv Tyler and Maggie Gyllenhaal, both of whom confessed to being serious lunchbox-packing moms. Although Tyler said that social engagements often take a back burner due to motherhood, hungry kids was a cause she felt strongly about. Gyllenhaal added, "I think making sure children have enough to eat is worth putting a dress on for."

Down at the Crosby Street Hotel, where the Cinema Society, GQ, and Emporio Armani screened Ridley Scott's The Counselor, Michael Fassbender was discussing clothes, too. "I wore pretty much all Armani in the film, but I especially like those tracksuit bottoms," said the actor, who plays a lawyer who gets into drug trafficking in the Cormac McCarthy-penned movie. Penélope Cruz, who portrays his wife, also wore Armani throughout, but she was in London last night promoting her lingerie line for Agent Provocateur. Other cast members, like John Leguizamo (who has a cameo), weren't quite as lucky with the designer threads: "I think all of my clothes were ripped off one of those bins for Salvation Army—very utilitarian, but, man, I made it sexy."

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