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Madonna Adds "Film Director" to Her Resume


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"Hey guys, Madonna's here!" Jason Biggs, of all people, sounded the alarm just before the Queen of Pop strolled into last night's Cinema Society premiere of her directorial debut, Filth and Wisdom, at Landmark's Sunshine Cinema. The star of the evening paused to note, approvingly, that she was back in the East Village, "where my struggle began." Then she let the mob of red-carpet photographers fight each other tooth and nail for a clear shot.

Madonna didn't reveal too much about the film she directed and co-wrote, except to say that "there's a part of me in every character." No kidding: The dramatis personae include a young woman (Vicky McClure) obsessed with helping children in Africa, a ballet dancer (Holly Weston) who enlists at a strip club, and a wannabe pop superstar from Ukraine (Eugene Hutz) who makes a living as an S&M majordomo. So what was it like working with the icon? "She knew exactly what she wanted. There was no in-between," McClure said. "She was on set before us!" chimed in Weston.

Lindsay Lohan, Jerry Seinfeld, Naomi Watts, and Brooke Shields were among those who turned up for the Dolce & Gabbana-hosted screening. Most of the stars, including Madonna, stuck around for the after-party, held at the brand-spanking-new Thompson LES hotel. Marc Jacobs was there, even though he'd seen her live at Madison Square Garden the night before. Wasn't that an awful lot of Madonna? "I've had a lot of Madonna all my life, actually," he corrected. Malin Akerman, meanwhile, waxed nostalgic about the singer's legendary Blond Ambition tour. "I got ice cream cones and put them on my boobs," she sighed. "I wanted to be just like her."

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