Creatures of the Night

Dueling Halloween Parties at the Rose Bar and the Standard


Lindsay Lohan and Johan Lindeberg   
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With an approaching storm of monster proportions, Saturday night's Halloween fêtes were celebrated with a fervor that rivaled the end of days. For its Old Hallows' Eve ball, hosted by Amanda Hearst, Charlotte Ronson, Peter Brant II, and others, the Gramercy Park Hotel's Rose Bar was packed to capacity, with several potential attendees turned away for inadequate costumes. In addition to the expected devils, cats, and skeletons, one also spied among the frenetic dance mob a hyperrealistic David Bowie, a creature from outer space, and a handful of Kate Middletons in various states of undress.

Never a shrinking violet, Brant came dressed as a monarch, in baroque jacket, fur-trimmed robe and crown, and was holding court atop a banquette in a scene pulled straight from the days of the Sun King. Hearst, a chic-looking cat ("very last minute," she confessed), was impressed with the selection. "I've seen a lot of great costumes. I saw angry birds, which made me happy because I love that game!"

Across town at the Boom Boom Room, gale-force gusts weren't weighing on anyone's mind. André Balazs, André Saraiva, and Thomas Hayo's pre-Halloween party boasted its own Brant brother (Harry, in a Grecian number) and an impressively energetic crowd. One quiet partier? Celebrating under the radar beneath a wide-brimmed hat was Lindsay Lohan—the most convincing costume of the night.

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