How Louboutin Gets the Ladies

The Shoemaker Spills His Secrets at a Barneys Fête


Christian Louboutin and Blake Lively   
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"I'm wearing my very first pair from 1997," Amanda Brooks told last night as she stared down at her strappy red Louboutins. "He gave them to me as a thank-you because I used to work at the Gagosian Gallery, across from the Carlyle, and he would call me on my lunch break to come over and model the shoes for him."

Brooks wasn't the only one with a story about her friend Christian Louboutin last night; some of the designer's most loyal fans, including Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Ann Dexter-Jones, and Elettra Wiedemann, turned up at Barneys to fête his 20th anniversary and buy signed copies of his new book. Everyone at the cocktail party and the dinner at Le Caprice afterward seemed to be baring their red soles for the occasion.

Blake Lively, who had settled upon a pair of snakeskin Louboutins for the evening, said, "My first pair was basic black, and after that, it was love—now I have hundreds." After she and Louboutin posed for photos, she added, "I had only been to Paris once before, and he invited me for a tour of the city on his Vespa. I was like, 'Oh, yeah, sure, Mr. Christian Louboutin, you are going to take me on a private tour through Paris,' but he actually did and it was so magical!" As he signed the last copy of his book, the designer joked, "Yes, the Vespa tour is how I get all of the ladies."

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