Of Mistress Keys and Super-Bowl Rings

The Accessories Council's Big Night


Julianne Moore   
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The Accessories Council held its 16th-annual ACE Awards at Cipriani 42nd Street last night, singling out the people and brands doing the most for the industry. Honorees included Calvin Klein Collection's Francisco Costa, Vince Camuto, Constance White, and American Express, and among the presenters were Julianne Moore, Tim Gunn, and Olivia Wilde, the lattermost of whom hit the stage to the tune of "Born to Be Wild." "It's in my contract that has to play," she said.

The evening was also an occasion for influencers to reflect on their most memorable accessories. "I have a Cartier Mistress key that a boyfriend once gave me," Bergdorf Goodman's Linda Fargo told "Men used to give them to their girlfriends in the fifties. If she was good she would get an apartment and her key would get cut. I have one of those keys. By the way, mine is not cut."

Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz, who went unrecognized by many of the sports-averse attendees—"Is there a straight man here?" called out a reporter trying to ID the athlete—is the possessor of one of the world's most coveted accessories. "The [Super Bowl] ring is at home," he said. "It's so big I need to keep it under lock and key."

The one extra on everybody's mind? Today's must-have accessory—an "I Voted" sticker.

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