A Weekend in the Country

A Farm Frolic With the Brant Clan—Complete With O.J.'s Getaway Car


Of all the star attendees who'd made the trek to Connecticut for Nate Lowman's opening at the Brant Foundation this weekend, one in particular stood out. "I'm looking forward to partying with Wolverine," said Allison Brant, director of the family foundation. Not Hugh Jackman; Hope Atherton's dog. (Wolverine, it turned out, was in good canine company: Gavin Brown and Stella Schnabel brought pets, too.)

It was a family affair—Allison organizing, Stephanie Seymour greeting, Harry flitting from group to group—but more was merrier at the Greenwich farm-turned-exhibition-space, which hosts biannual openings for buzzy artists. Johan Lindeberg sat with his daughter, Blue, and enjoyed a performance by Brooklyn-based Gang Gang Dance, not far from Terry Richardson. Julie Gilhart and Cynthia Rowley admired the most surprising piece of art last night: O.J. Simpson's white Bronco parked in the middle of a field. Peter Brant acquired the actual car from the famous slow-speed chase and parked it just so for the party.

Lazaro Hernandez and Jen Brill used the time to discuss Thanksgiving plans. "Jack and I are going to have some friends up to our place in the Berkshires," said Hernandez. "We've been raising turkeys." So killing turkeys is the next project they'll tackle? Unfortunately, Hernandez and Brill had to cut the party short and scoot back to the Proenza studio where McCullough awaited. "Deadlines, deadlines!" he said. The duo is already pulling late nights preparing for their Fall 2013 collection.

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