Going to Temple

A "Divine" Night at the Met


Carolina Herrera and Patricia Lansing   
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The Apollo Circle Benefit, a sans diner dance party held in the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Temple of Dendur every fall, wants to be the Costume Institute Gala's hip little sister. The girls dress festively: Tinsley Mortimer, Allison Sarofim, and Devon Schuster all came in red (poufy, short, and long, respectively), while Lauren Santo Domingo sported a three-piece pantsuit. And according to the assorted husbands and plus-ones in attendance, this is one of the more fun social functions on the calendar, what with the easy-access bars and Paul Sevigny in the DJ booth. "We go to so many of these things. I like that this one isn't as formal," a Marc Jacobs-clad Dr. Lisa Airan said. "I'm in a jumpsuit." But that's not to say that the rules of decorum are ignored. Carolina Herrera, the evening's hostess, could be spotted straightening several bow ties, Topper Mortimer's included, as she made a tour of the hall. "I feel very lucky every time I come here for an event," Mrs. Herrera said. "To put on a fabulous dress and come here to this museum at night? It is divine."

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