Depp Charge

Johnny Fails to Hide His Magnetism at MoMA. (Plus: Jack Donaghy, Humble?)


Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, and Tim Burton   
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Two leading men loaned their charisma to a pair of New York arts fundraisers last night. At MoMA, Johnny Depp's entrance threw guests into a tizzy at a benefit for the museum's film department that also served as a sneak preview of its retrospective of work by moviemaker (and frequent Depp collaborator) Tim Burton. Not exactly known for his love of the social circuit, Depp brushed his hair out of his eyes and darted through the lobby's Edward Scissorhands-inspired topiaries to lurk in an under-lit corner with Patti Smith—but the shadows couldn't consume him entirely. "I see him!" Brooke Shields exclaimed.

Twilight starlet Ashley Greene came in just as the pre-dinner film program (emceed by Danny DeVito) was about to begin. She'd just re-watched Burton's blood-soaked musical Sweeney Todd. "The part that sticks out in my head the most is when Helena [Bonham Carter] is making pies and there's cockroaches in them," Greene said. "I actually made my mother watch that with me on Christmas." (Wonder what she queues up on Halloween.)

Meanwhile, Alec Baldwin was doing double duty at an Artwalk fundraiser benefiting the Coalition for the Homeless. (Co-chair Richard Gere canceled last-minute, apparently to sit with the Dalai Lama in Rome.) The Emmy-winning star of 30 Rock posed for endless fan photos, bought two paintings, served as auctioneer for the evening's non-art lots, and retained a seasoned vet's sense of humility through it all. "I'm never going to compete with Johnny Depp in the magnetism department. But times are tough economically in New York, and we got a bigger crowd here than ever," Baldwin said, before excusing himself. "I've got to leave now, because I've got to make some money to pay for the paintings."

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