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at the pierre, the fashion set swoons for lanvin hearts h&m


Elettra Wiedemann   
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"It's going to be a bloodbath!" Blogger Bryanboy was talking about the scene at H&M stores this Saturday, when Alber Elbaz's Lanvin for H&M collection will finally arrive at the chain's retail locations. But he could've been describing the mosh pit at the Pierre hotel in New York last night, where fashion insiders one after another were ringing up $1,000-plus sales on the designer's high-low cocktail dresses, trenchcoats, and chunky paste jewelry. It was so heated in the shopping salon, Elbaz's specs were fogging up. Not that he minded. "It's hysterical, no?" he asked, in between posing for pics with groups of his zealous fans.

A few minutes earlier, Alexander Wang, Sofia Coppola, and Andie MacDowell sat front-row (Leelee Sobieski and Adam Kimmel arrived after their spots had been nabbed and stood in the packed ballroom) for what Lanvin and H&M called an haute couture fashion show. "Everyone's taking high fashion to the high street," Elbaz explained beforehand. "I wanted to try to bring the high street back to high fashion." The clothes you'll see at H&M later this week hit the runway with extra ruffles, special buttons, or doubled up. The last look appeared to have been whipped up from a canvas garment bag. Anna Dello Russo trotted out with a standard poodle on a leash. The normally poker-faced fashion audience clapped and hooted throughout.

In the front row, Elettra Wiedemann was wearing a crinolined red party dress that was on the catwalk, but insisted she'd also be checking out the collection in the store. "He's a gorgeous, wonderful man who makes gorgeous, wonderful clothes," she said. As for where Elbaz himself will be on Saturday? "I'm headed home tomorrow," he said. "You could have a baby in the time it took us to work on this. I'm going to be in bed, watching TV, and ordering Chinese food."

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