Separated Ways

Celebrating Alexis Dahan's New Exhibition


Alexis Dahan and Arizona Muse   
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Last night on the Lower East Side, Half Gallery owner Bill Powers hosted an opening party for a new show by Alexis Dahan, a frequent contributor. The Lover's Body Parts Are Separated is a series of reworked images by Dahan detailing different parts of his muse's body, such as her neck reduced to a single sleek, bold line down the center of the photograph. "The subject is secondary," the French-born artist said when asked who the muse was. "Ce n'est pas important." His ex-girlfriend DJ/stylist Gillian Sagansky was a little more candid, "Yes, these are all me!" Dahan had quite the turnout; Arizona Muse, Nate Lowman, and Jay McInerney all lent support. Lowman reported he's considering skipping Art Basel this year. "I won't be attending as an act of preservation," he told To work? "No, to rest. I can't socialize all the time." Dahan himself is a bit more eager to scope out the Miami scene: "I will be going to all of the parties, there is so much to do," he said. After a private dinner, Dahan and his crew headed to No. 8 for more celebrating.

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