Shooting Weed

A Toast to Andrew Zuckerman's New Book Flower


Maggie Gyllenhaal and Andrew Zuckerman   
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Waris Ahluwalia and Peter Sarsgaard hosted a dinner at the Waverly Inn last night to celebrate their friend Andrew Zuckerman and his new book Flower. The photographer turned to blooms after completing his previous book Wisdom. "That one was Henry Kissinger in the morning and Chuck Close in the afternoon," he told "Afterwards, I just wanted to look at this incredibly beautiful thing and not intellectually react." There's over 150 pretty blossoms in the book, but for Zuckerman it wasn't a beauty contest. "Darwin's orchid is an incredible flower," he said. (The orchids on the tables were Lady's Slipper, White Fairy, and Howards Dream.) "For me, though, what's really interesting is the Cannabis." Funnily enough, his first job ever as a photographer was "shooting weed" for High Times magazine. "For the book, I went to Oaksterdam University, which is the premier medical marijuana growing facility, and I photographed their best plant, and then two weeks later Obama raided it, and that was the beginning of the Feds' war on marijuana."

That wasn't the only time the President's name came up. Ahluwalia, Sarsgaard, and Massimo Vignelli all made toasts to Zuckerman. After Sarsgaard's he told his table, "Just because I'm an actor doesn't mean I know how to give a speech. Barack Obama would not be a good actor, and I would not be a good Barack Obama."

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