The Heat Is On

A Cold Front Couldn't Keep the Stars Away From HBO's Golden Globes Warm-Up


Jeanne Tripplehorn, Bill Paxton, and Ginnifer Goodwin.
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Chris Rock and Isla Fisher.
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Britannia ruled HBO's pre-Golden Globes party Saturday night, with Jeremy Irons, Robbie Williams, Stephen Frears, Hugh Laurie, and Helen Mirren among the revelers packed into the Chateau Marmont. Mirren, nominated for her portrayals of two monarchs, Elizabeth I and II, showed little royal reserve when she encountered fellow nominee Sacha Baron Cohen. Turns out the queen is quite the Ali G fan. "My favorite episode is the one where he poses the question, 'What do you do when you're a gangbanger, and your colors are blue, but your nan knits you a red sweater?' " the 61-year-old actress enthused to Cohen, who sported long sideburns (but no Borat moustache).

In the ladies' room, a raven-haired beauty in short shorts squealed to her friend, "Chris Rock is here! How's my breath?" before dashing out to stalk the recently separated comedian.

Also making the rounds were Gina Gershon, Marisa Tomei, Mark Wahlberg, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Rachel Zoe, and Vincent Gallo. With the temperature outside dipping into the thirties, few attendees braved the Chateau's outdoor patio for long, which meant the inside dance floor was too crowded for anyone to bust a move. Emerging from the fray to greet another arrival, HBO's president, Chris Albrecht, who co-hosted with Colin Callender and Carolyn Strauss, announced, "It's not a party without Andy Dick."

Asked if he was planning to watch the actual ceremonies, Mr. Dick, who just wrapped Blonde Ambition with Jessica Simpson, replied, "No, I just go to the parties, especially the ones that have goody bags. I regift them and keep my exes happy with lotions and sweaters."

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