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It’s no surprise the fashion world’s crush on Arckid keeps growing. The trio (Jonny Cragg on drums and brothers Christian and Royston Langdon on guitar and bass) have the chiseled features and lanky builds of Hedi Slimane models; their music has drawn comparisons to glam-rock gods David Bowie and Queen; they’re outfitted by Hugo Boss; and then of course there’s the Hollywood connection (Royston is married to Liv Tyler). Not to mention next week’s East Coast tour dates with Rock&Roll, the French rockers Karl Lagerfeld is so enamored of that he shot their last album cover. "I imagine we’ll get into a fight over some mascara," deadpans Cragg. Arckid’s latest video, released this week on their MySpace page, provides even more reasons for their fans to love them. Directed by pal Joaquin Phoenix, it includes some major fashion attitude.
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