August 22 2014

styledotcom Ultra-luxe leather goods label Parabellum sets up shop on Melrose:

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postmodern pottery



Though the Kaiser never made his promised appearance, the atmosphere at New York City’s Gallery DeLorenzo was thick with Lagerfeld last night. With the help of curator Pierre Passebon, owner of Paris’ Galerie du Passage, Herr Karl has emptied his homes in Biarritz and Hamburg of some of their more spectacular contents, including his collection of rare Ciboure vases and neoclassical furniture by the Swedish Näfveqvan Foundry; the lot was then subsequently relocated to DeLorenzo. As Passebon genially explained, “Well, Karl gave me everything to sell, and so here we are. The Foundry tables are really magnificent, no?” Indeed, and more than a few curious attendees were busying themselves by comparing the imposing real things to the in situ photographs of them taken by Lagerfeld at his Hamburg home. The collection of Ciboure vases had likewise been doubly immortalized by Lagerfeld; his photographs of the antique, Greek-inspired objets (coyly accompanied by a David-esque model) loomed on the DeLorenzo walls. But faintly, you could sense the presence of Baudrillard, as well.


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