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the naked truth



Veronique Branquinho has just announced that a retrospective of her work will take place in Antwerp at the Fashion Museum of the Province of Antwerp (MoMu) from March 12 through August 17. Though she’s titled the exhibit “Moi, Veronique Branquinho, Toute Nue,” don’t expect a nude exposé of the designer herself, but instead a soul-baring display of her decade-long design voyage. The Belgian-born Branquinho is collaborating with the Blitz collective (writer Oscar van den Boogaard, actor Steven Van Watermeulen, and Sven Grooten of B-architects) to present photos, clothes, and three-dimensional renderings. Thinking back on some of the designer’s evocative campaigns over the years—lots of long, narrow silhouettes and knobby knits on intellectual-looking models—we foresee a moody journey down memory lane.

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