August 21 2014

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hot fuss



"Project Runway" winner Christian Siriano had a coming-out party (hosted by Jane Cha, the show’s executive producer) last night in Los Angeles at the Hollywood Roosevelt, and guests couldn’t help but remark how tiny this "hot mess" looked off of their television screen. Siriano is a busy "tranny" these days—success will do that to you. ("Tranny," "hot mess," and "fierce" are his favorite expressions.) He said he’s had ten-hour days of back-to-back interviews; he was planning to meet with Victoria Beckham this morning to start selling her his collection; he’ll be on "Jay Leno" Friday night; he made a dress for Kimberley Locke to wear on "American Idol"; and an appearance on "Ugly Betty" is in the works. And then there’s the matter of the whole Amy Poehler "fierce-tranny-fierceness" bit from a now-classic "Saturday Night Live" sketch last weekend. "I was playing me, playing Amy, playing me today," Siriano said. "I wasn’t very good." As "Ugly Betty" ‘s Becki Newton headed home, rapper Eve showed up. Go figure: She’s a fan. Said Eve of Siriano’s collection, "He has great red-carpet shit, great TV shit, great everyday shit, and great ‘now’ shit."

Photo: Valerie Macon/Getty Images

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