September 2 2014

styledotcom Want to know what's in our EIC's wardrobe? Of course you do. Dirk Standen on @thecoveteur:

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nest fundraiser


Members-only clubs: They’re the best of doors and the worst of doors. At last night’s fundraiser at Norwood House for the Nest Foundation, an organization that raises awareness of the sexual exploitation of children, it was most certainly the latter. Turns out that the event organizer, Arden Wohl, forgot to add her RSVP list to the master list, preventing many of her VIPs from getting in without a bit of a scuffle. “Which means lots of trips up and down these stairs,” sighed Wohl, who was uncharacteristically sans headband. Friends and family of Wohl who managed to get in included her parents, Larry and Denise Wohl; gallerist Meredith Darrow; Rebecca Guinness; Lauren Remington Platt; Libby Spears; and Sarah Sophie Flicker. Getting everyone inside wasn’t Wohl’s only goal. later in the evening, she shepherded everyone up another flight of stairs to screen a trailer for “Playground,” a documentary directed by Spears that chronicles sex trafficking in the U.S. “It’s heavy stuff,” Wohl explained. “But it’s important. Very important.”

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