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tag, you’re it



Collaborations between trainer makers and graffiti artists are nothing new. The whole limited-edition shakedown even made the plot of “Entourage,” suggesting that the world knows just about everything it needs to know about sneakerheads and the merch they so covet. But there remains one rarity for a savvy corporation to exploit, and Etnies has seized upon it: the girl tagger. “The graffiti world has always been male-dominated, and it still is,” acknowledges illustrator, designer, and graffiti artist Queen Andrea, whose exclusive collaboration with Etnies—including two styles of brightly patterned skate sneakers and two eye-popping flip-flop designs—hits stores in June. “It makes it a nice change of pace to get to do something for the ladies.” As the downtown NYC native (real name: Andrea von Bujdoss) recalled, her adolescent passion for graffiti art definitely made her a novelty in the still-young scene. But at the end of the day, she noted, the emphasis was on the tag, not the tagger. “Get the tag up on the wall, put your name out there, that’s what it’s all about,” she notes. “Graffiti is a public art form. And doing shoes, that’s just another way to be out in front of the public.”

Photo: Courtesy of Etnies

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