August 27 2014

styledotcom Started from the bottom: Experts weigh in on the cultural obsession with butts.

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there he goes again


Topics of conversation at John Galliano run along the same lines every season: Where did he get these boys? Who did this set? How does he get the ideas for this craziness? But Lucy Liu had something different to talk about backstage this time: her much unpublicized painting exhibit in Munich in early March. Turns out she’s been in Paris all week (she also made a cameo at Dior on Monday), “biding time till my art show.” Wearing a gray pantsuit by the designer, she admitted that—even though her TV show, “Cashmere Mafia,” is very fashion-oriented—she has other focuses. “I’m not all about clothes,” she said. “I got other stuff going on, too. And painting is therapeutic.” How did she feel about the show? “He took it THERE!”

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