August 30 2014

styledotcom Guess which designers are skipping #NYFW for Hollywood:

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choice words


It’s the end of the beginning today in Pennsylvania, the campaign’s new It state, as voters chose who will or will not be the likely Democratic nominee for President. So cast wisely, Keystoners, choosing both is not an option. Apparently more is merrier in the world of Lohan. After her older sister’s staggering success as a famous person, Ali Lohan is embarking on a film career, too. We’re sure Linds is thrilled for her, just as long as Ali steers clear of DJ Ronson. In other on camera news, Lydia Hearst is the newest “Gossip Girl” girl which will require some serious Method acting. New York Ranger Sean Avery should brush up on the show if he hopes to hack it at his summer gig if, that is, the Yves Saint Laurent high-tops wearer isn’t already a fan.