August 2 2014

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walk a mile in these babies



First Newsweek named FitFlops the “must-have sandal of the summer” in 2007, then they became the most searched term on AOL the week Diane Sawyer wore a pair on “Good Morning America.” So what’s the big deal about a pair of exercise sandals? Well, these claim to tone thighs and smooth away cellulite by the simple act of walking in them, a marketing angle that had FitFlops founder Marcia Kilgore (of Bliss Spa fame) smiling all the way to the bank. But despite a fan base that includes Jessica Alba and Vanessa Williams, the humble FitFlop was lacking a high-fashion element. Enter Beth Buccini and Sarah Easley of Kirna Zabête, who collaborated with Kilgore on the Aurelia gladiator style (above), and the ItFlop was born. The Aurelia arrives at Kirna Zabête in mid-June. We suggest you get on the waiting list now.

Photo: Courtesy of FitFlops

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