August 21 2014

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wedding charm, southern style



I’m getting married next month, and in the endless search to add a little individuality to what is becoming quite a massive production, I came across these cake pulls, from New Orleans-based jeweler Mignon Faget. Bridal cake pulls are part of an old Southern tradition—small charms are tied onto ribbons and placed under the wedding cake, with the ribbons fanning out around the cake board. Each member of the bridal party then chooses a ribbon at random, and, as the name implies, pulls. The charms tell a fortune; the ring charm predicts an upcoming marriage, the heart predicts a new love, etc. Mignon Faget has incorporated her signature designs and silhouettes into the game, like a red bean for luck and a fleur-de-lis for prosperity, all of which are inspired by the nature, architecture, and heritage of her home state of Louisiana. After the frosting is washed off, each sterling-silver Mignon pull is meant to be worn as a pendant, so your bridesmaids can keep you, and the memory of your special day, close to their hearts. Awww. The set of eight is $395, available at

Photo: Courtesy of Mignon Faget

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