September 2 2014

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what hollywood doesn’t know about middle-aged women



Hollywood may like to pretend that middle-aged women don’t have sex lives, but the Danish artist Jesper Just knows otherwise. In his first London show, which opens today at the Victoria Miro gallery, Just will premiere his newly commissioned film trilogy, “A Voyage in Dwelling,” starring renowned Danish stage and television actress Benedikte Hansen. Shot on an isolated island to an original soundtrack by theremin composer Dorit Chrysler and American transgendered singer/songwriter Baby Dee, the trilogy explores Hansen’s fantasies and insecurities. And though she’s past what some might consider her sexual peak, Just’s art empowers her to serve as a model for women blossoming into real maturity.

Photo: Jesper Just, “A Vicious Undertow,” super 16mm transferred to DVD. Courtesy of Victoria Miro Gallery.

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