August 30 2014

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whitley kros resort: jane austen goes to bondi



Though it’s most commonly associated with rear windows and peeping toms, prurience got the sunny-side up treatment at the tea party launch of Whitley Kros’ Resort collection in Los Angeles on Tuesday. “For us, each season is like this little update from Whitley,” explained co-designer Marissa Ribisi at the poolside fête. “You see what she’s been doing, what she’s into, but the girl herself is always just out of sight. All you get are sidelong glimpses.” As Ribisi and her fellow designer Sophia Coloma went on to explain, Kros has followed up Fall’s tour of the European capitals by blanketing down on Bondi with a few Jane Austen novels—hence the Resort collection’s preponderance of beachy prints and Empire waists. “Maybe it comes from my acting background,” Ribisi notes, “but I really like to design from the point of view of a character. I think everyone has that urge to step into someone else’s life for a minute, though. We’re about to launch our Web site, and that’s the basic idea—a tour of Whitley’s world.” Spy and buy, in other words, and in the meantime, pass the scones.

Photo: Courtesy of Whitley Kros

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