August 21 2014

styledotcom Frida Giannini tells us she'll never do Botox. Her skin just looks THAT good naturally. @gucci

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making up is fun to do, says amae



Part of the pleasure we get from makeup is the tactile experience of applying it—it’s like finger paint for adults. Amae, the all-male Italian artist team (named after a Japanese word for “collaboration”), understands the sensual allure of cosmetics. In its series of makeup videos (like “Constructing Berenice,” above), which screen at 9 p.m. at the Giardino delle Duchesse in Ferrara on July 10, the three-member collective films women coating themselves in brightly colored beauty products until their flesh is hidden under a flood of lotions, liquid foundation, glitter, and color, showing us that the rich creams and silky powders can feel even more sensual and attractive than they look. As the videos aptly demonstrate, women don’t necessarily make up their faces to attract men or impress other women. The barefaced fact is that we make ourselves up to fulfill our own creative fantasies, and to feel really good in the process.

Photo: Courtesy of Amae

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