August 21 2014

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About Our New Design


No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. has a whole new look—clean, airy, and modern, with bold, eye-catching graphics throughout every section of the site. But we like to think that this is one makeover that’s more than skin-deep. We have made significant improvements to the architecture of the site, from a better organized homepage to helpful navigational elements, like a New on module, that now appear on every page. The net result: It’s quicker and easier to find the wealth of content our editors produce every day.

Talking of which, we’ve not only improved popular existing features like our up-to-the-minute fashion show coverage, photo-packed party reports, behind-the-scenes videos, and user-generated lookbooks, we’re also introducing several new ones. Please check out our all-new Beauty Counter blog and our all-improved Style File blog. On September 2, look for Shop Now, a new feature in which our fashion editors will be scouring the Web sites of the world’s top designers and retailers for the best online finds. And come New York fashion week (which begins September 5—not that we need to tell you that), there will be lots more. A full-screen slideshow option will let you see runway photos in even more glorious detail, and our “virtual front row”—your favorite models, editors, and socials in avatar form—will provide instant feedback on the latest shows and backstage intrigues. We’re also happy to announce that model Coco Rocha is joining as our new video host.

Please leave comments or questions about our new design below. Unfortunately, we can’t promise that Coco will answer them personally, but we will read them all carefully.



  1. theoutsider says:

    I like it! Keep up the good work…

  2. kceezy says:

    LOVE IT!!! Very easy to find all my favorite things. Great upgrade.

  3. Nomad says:


  4. mmah says:

    This is fantastic!

  5. stemorrison says:

    This looks unprofessional, like a blog-zine format used by many, many aspiring fashionistas instead of an authoritative, polished resource that is considered to stand far above other less comprehensive fashion websites. It makes me feel as if I’m GOING to be blogged to, instead of having a popping, visually appealing open access to rooms and rooms of fashion reference- which is the whole reason I visit Style on a daily basis, NOT so I can pretend I’m reading a diatribe from someone in Williamsburg. For a long time your site has GREATLY augmented the print magazines it is affiliated with; I still feel that there is a unique quality to experiencing editorial fashion by handling a non-virtual publication which is a tangible work of art in itself. I am NOT interested in receiving editorial advice online in a less appealing format. YUCK! Your pre-announced censorship of negative editorial opinions also takes you outside of the standards that highly professional journalism tries to uphold.

  6. annh says:

    Much better! And easier

  7. annh says:

    Oh and stemorrison, I happen to disagree. I have designed websites for years and this is very professional.

    Just get over it.

  8. stemorrison says:

    Just because a few individual features have been designed to look more like the nytimes, which is an online NEWSPAPER (and many, many imitators)? Hopefully the real improvements will continue to be tweaked so that there will still be as much easy and fast access to all, not just the most recent, fashion information. I’ve tried to simulate using this new format as a research tool as I have in the past, and it’s less open and straight-forward right now, harder to navigate away from material I might be less interested in. Sorry.

  9. SuperFurry says:

    Listen Stemmy- its Friday night and I know you’ve been working SO hard all week long in the GAP stockroom so I’m gonna go easy on you.

    This is a site redesign. Much like the fashion world (albeit much less frequently), appearances in the digital world start to get stale and need to be revised. However, the content and functionality stays the same. So don’t fret, none of the precious runway slide shows that you reference to get ideas for your little Sunday Sewing Club are being removed. And I doubt anyone at will be offended if you don’t incorporate their beauty tips into your heinous makeup regimen.

    In regards to your comment about “pre-announced censorship”…you’re an idiot.

    That’s all. You’re done. Bye bye.

  10. candiebaby10 says:

    WOW !! This is AMAZING…so much easier. So much more fun to look at too. I feel like everything is so fresh and new…I instantly feel more up to date and in touch with the industry. Seriously…LOVE it.

  11. burcebekrek says:

    Nice job..Clean and fresh design made me to spent much more time in the site.
    Love it..
    Keep it up!

  12. Appollonia says:

    Much more easier to use. Things are easier to find.
    One thing though, I need to wear shades now!

  13. caseykettleson says:

    WOW…what a shock for a Saturday morning! I’m really excited about the new features – can’t wait for fashion week! just posted about this at

  14. Alex70 says:

    While I don’t happen to agree with stemorrison, the editors at do ask that their readers leave comments regarding’s new format. Stemorrison is certainly entitled to his/her opinion, and it seems quite unfair and petty to call him/her an idiot. Specifically because there is absolutely no evidence which supports that statement.
    In reality, presuming that stemorrison must be a low level employee or in need of a new makeup regimen, only makes you sound intolerant of differing opinions and quite frankly, somewhat unintelligent.
    I personally love the new layout. However, I respect any differing opinions, and I believe that a little criticism can potentially help to improve this website even further.

  15. YHK says:

    Love the new layout!

  16. bpbear36 says:

    The overall appearance of the site is lovely, but the changes have had a dramatic negative impact on the lookbooks. I can’t select some of my lookbooks because the list lies under elements at the bottom of the page. There are elements on the right side of the screen that I desperately want to close since I never intend to use them and I’d rather see more of the thumbnails on the screen at once (expanding all the way out to the far right of the screen). Most importantly, all the changes I made to my lookbooks this past week have disappeared. I wasted time on that which I can’t get back. There should have been a notice to users on the login page this past week that they may want to refrain from changes for a week since a change would be instituted that could revert any changes made. More user testing of the lookbooks in the new design should have been carried out before this was implemented. I’m extremely frustrated right now and implore you to take more time testing changes before implementation in the future (while providing your loyal users more warning to avert wasting their time).

  17. Imani says:

    It’s quite a lovely change visually but, like the above commenter, you’ve messed up my lookbook. (I don’t even want to check out the report that changes I’ve made in the last week are lost forever.) I can’t access some of my folders for the same reason. A simple scroll bar could solve that for you. Please try to fix it as soon as possible. :) Spring fashion week is coming up soon and I’ll need new folders!

  18. yasminmatos says:

    I’m brazilian and I am very happy with the new design. I wanna ask more videos in the fashion weeks and more photos too.Congratulations for all!

    My Fashion blog:

    Yasmin Araújo!

  19. Imani says:

    Aha! And one more thing. I…can’t browse through the thumbnails at all when I preview my private lookbooks. It only shows one page in the new window with no numbers at the bottom which, in less fabulous times, allowed me to access *all* of my content rather than just what’s lucky enough to fit on the first page. I can do so in details but in a more tedious fashion.

    Are you *sure* you’re done with lookbooks yet? ;) Perhaps those responsible should just go through the whole thing in terms of functionality in comparison to the old way before fashion week, hmmmm?

  20. Jfenton says:

    You have had some work done and the results look like Joan Rivers! Hate the new stiff monochrome feel. It use to look like the website of a renowned fashion magazine, but it has been so techno-fied that it feels like the website of Popular Science instead of a website featuring YSL, Ralph Lauren, and Gucci.

  21. wawest24 says:

    Im just so attatched to the old one!

  22. afeldman says:

    Finally! I am so happy that the site is making changes and evolving as a makeover was long overdue. I can’t wait to see the new content and hopefully the site will continue to get better!

  23. Valerio says:

    A beautiful refreshing website styling, light colors, the navigation is improved. I adored this site already for many years, you made it now even even better then anyone could expected. Thanks editors and website builders for this marvelous website design. Arno Jacobs

  24. chrysanthemum says:

    would look great with these new thin rings from…check it out!!!

  25. loulou1234 says:

    Now, I don’t normally comment on here, only in the forums… but how can I not this time?!! Waw, waw, waw! Give yourselves a pat on the back! Great work guys – keep up the great work!

    But… it’s too bright now!

    Well done ;)

  26. costarika says:

    The only flaw I found in this renovated layout is the username, lookbook, and logout option is a bit small for the vision impaired. I can read it, I just experience a slight eye strain.

    But other than that, I love this!

  27. andreverde says:

    I looove the new! it is fabulous!

  28. lacouturier says:

    omg i love coco rocha! & i’m loving this new look for!!
    please visit & subscribe, or just let me know what you think!

  29. gaurijo says:

    I felt you guys were able to display much more content on the earlier homepage without making it cluttered. Why change then? The earlier design had a charm that this new one lacks. The new design is not bad though. It ll take some time getting used to.

  30. CharlotteShopTalk says:

    Love this new site- it feels easier to navigate and so much cleaner! Charlotte Magazine has just launched a new style blog at
    and we are inspired by your new design. Great job!

  31. sooshi says:

    Well done, Style!

    It’s much easier to navigate with the new design.

  32. LmsTop says:

    That is obvious.
    The site is much clearer and navigation very
    Thank you for us.

  33. vivreboutique says:

    Love it, its easy on the eyes. The old format seemed a tad busy. We would like to be you some day.
    Check us out at

  34. mrsondaatje says:

    Hey Style Staff! New layout is lovely – old layout was lovely too – I just appreciate all you do to make this one of the most fun sites to visit and study.

    Only one suggestion, if i may? The only thing that’s kind of driving my crazy is that when you’re scrolling thru Runway pix and selecting them for your LOOKBOOK, the place to go to click ‘next’ is now so close to the hyper-pop-up-equipped ‘SHARE’ button that when you go to click next, you can’t do it really fast…at a good clip, like us busy girls need to do! – b/c the damn ‘SHARE’ button pop-ups are suddenly aggressively right there and you have to pause, click off to make the ‘SHARE’ options go away (myspace, delicious, stumbleupon, etc.) and then navigate AROUND the share button carefully (shhh…so as to not wake it!) and then hit ‘NEXT’ for next pic…The old site, man, you could really fly through images w/ greater pace and efficiency.

    I know, I know.
    There are people LITERALLY starving in the world, and yet i’ve taken the time to write this very silly, very trivial note. Apologies. I promise I’m not a shallow person…

    Thanks so much for considering this little bit of fluffy suggestion. Best wishes with new site!

  35. BarbaraStacishin says:

    it’s nice…but it is a bit blinding!

  36. capenj says:

    Love the new looks, what did you do when you wanted it designed? Say please make our site look like

    You would think you would come up with something on your own.

  37. Nicole_Phelps says:

    A Note From the Editors: First, thanks so much for all the feedback! We’re thrilled with the new site, and we’re glad that (most of) you are, too. A couple things: Mrsondaatje, we hear you–we’re working on that Share button issue and expect a fix shortly. As for lookbooks–we really do want these to be as good and easy to use as possible; a separate post will address the various points that have come up above. Also, please feel free to raise any specific issues here, in our user feedback inbox–operators are standing by to get back to you! Finally… please keep posting, it’s really good to hear from you.

  38. connfuller says:

    DISAPPOINTED in OKC. Too slow.

  39. connfuller says:

    Sorry, not slow at all. My computer was just downloading all the new cookies.

  40. eskimogirl2006 says:

    I visit your site a few times a week but already today I am on your site for a longer time than usual – and after my nap I’ll be back! Thanks for evolving with us, Style!

  41. lelamark says:

    I feel that the older version was much stronger. One glance and you knew you were on It had a certain look and the content was organized well. The way it looks now, its ok. But it is just not as strong. It has not face. And all information blends into each other.

  42. NinaBallerina says:

    Love the new site, it is much bolder and fresh. It gave me a pleasant surprise. What a perfect way to head into Fashion Week!

  43. cylkk69 says:

    Hello, kudos to your new look, it’s so fresh,crisp and light. Although i really don’t care how the web page looks as long as you’re still online.God knows you’re the only fashion authority i rely on. I do have a dilemma though, i can’t seem to access my own lookbook? did you scrap it all together? I hope not…

  44. benseidler says:

    This is such a great improvement on something that was already fantastic. Well done! I love it!

  45. booking77 says:

    Your site looks great! I’ve always liked it. I live in London – and REALLY wish the UK vogue site could be as easy as yours to navigate! – you win hands down! Give them a page from your “Book”! Thanks.

  46. bpbear36 says:

    Thanks for correcting the left column (names of the lookbooks and scrolling) in the lookbooks! I hope improvements continue to be made (i.e. deleting or transferring multiple thumbnails at a time). I’m back to work repeating the changes I lost and back to enjoying the lookbooks again. They are very cool (when working properly).

  47. fashionpassion says:

    I’ve written an e-mail with my comments and questions but it seems the only way I may get answers is to ask bloggers.

    How do I log-out of my lookbooks?

  48. Ashley_Jeanne says:

    Hi Fashionpassion, at the very top right hand corner of the site (scroll all the way up), there is a logout button.

  49. Imani says:

    First of all thanks so much for responding. It’s always great when one feels as if one’s feedback is taken into account beyond Ye Olde Automatic Response. I’m also glad that you included a link to a feedback form since I wasn’t eager to air my complaints on the blog post about changes.

    Thank to those who added the scroll button and I look forward to future posts on the lookbooks issue. Otherwise I really am pleased overall with the site changes!

  50. Imani says:

    Oh bullocks, I’ve figured it out. (I must publish, apparently, to get to ability to browse while viewing thumbnails, which is fair as I can still keep it private.) Tech persons must chant down curses on impatient users such as myself. Fashion week is saved!

    Do convey my apologies. *blush*

  51. Ashley_Jeanne says:

    A word on lookbooks from the marketing department: Thanks, everyone, for your feedback on the new site. In addition to updating our look, we made some pretty major technical upgrades to lookbooks. To make the transition as seamless as possible, most of the work happened during a very short and low-traffic period of time, but we know there are still some issues. Our tech teams are working hard on them, and lookbooks should be back to normal soon–definitely in time for fashion week. If you have specific issues with your account, please e-mail us through the feedback link here and include your account info. Thanks for writing!

  52. MicaelaBee says:

    I love it! The new site is very organized and has a sophisticated lay-out. It’s making me spend a lot more time to browse!

  53. fashionpassion says:

    Thanks for trying Ashley_Jeanne but I still cannot find the logout button. Is it possible that it’s under some of the ill-placed images near the top right? There is some writing peeping out. Is it above or below the menu bar? Please orient me. Thanks for your patience.

  54. Appollonia says:

    I liked the former icon section a lot. Not all the ‘icons’ but that’s not the problem. Its the fact that it has become another PR campaign or fashion show and not what it was and made it interesting: fashion history!
    What would Garbo do? We know what Garbo did so that is a real faux-pas. Besides that she retired I did miss her trademark shades….which I’m still in need for viewing the new format.
    Further some explicit rules for the Forums would have been great too. Now its far from clear whats allowed and whats not since I’ve notice many contradictions.

  55. fashionpassion says:

    I’ve just seen the “look of the day” and Chanel Iman is the only choice. Her picture appears 5 times.

  56. mirelalb says:

    Love it!!! You’re the best! Looking forward to see Coco Rocha as host, she’s great!

  57. mljl says:

    Is that Freight Display you’re using as your display serif? :-) Love it.

  58. sailaja87 says:

    It looks FABULOUS. It really makes the whole site so much more appealing and simple to navigate- this is officially my number one bookmark. Great job!

  59. kaz2709 says:

    how do i find mylookbooks!???????

  60. stanford says:

    Not that good in fact ! It’s nice looking I agree, but where are gone the pages when I look at a designer collection ? Is overall view of a collection gone ? Have I to look at each piece, one after the other to find a model at the end of the collection ? Please help me, It’s really a bother, there must be a way to do I haven’t yet found !

  61. mmah says:

    kaz2709 – in the navigation at the top of the page you will see a section called ‘Community’ …. the first link is ‘My Lookbooks’ :)

  62. bpbear36 says:

    Just in case no tech people get around to reviewing the messages, I’m submitting this here as well. One problem with the lookbooks was resolved, but now an entirely new one that is equally frustrating exists. I would recommend taking them offline for a week and working out all the kinks rather than confusing all of the regular users like this. Here is the problem I reported today: The lookbooks no longer allow for viewing any images beyond #48 in thumbnail view. Just a day or so ago there was still a link (in both Explorer and Firefox) at the lower left of the thumbnails window that would let you view the next 48 thumbnails. It was irritating that you couldn’t select to see 97-144 and would have to click next and wait twice, but not being able to advance beyond 48 in the thumbnail view at all is rendering the lookbooks rather useless. I hope this, the inability to select multiple items for deletion or movement at once, and the inability to select a thumbnail for deletion in the details screen will all change right away.
    Thank you.

  63. kellygene45 says:

    Yummy. Love the upgrade.

  64. brittnee says:

    the new look is a definite improvement!

    my only gripe would be when it comes to flipping through look books.
    now I have to click, then scroll down, click, then scroll down, etc. in order to view the photos.
    maybe make an option to view the book in a pop-out window?

    ps- Coco I am really into your Fall Barneys catalogue shoot. lovely!

  65. KarlaKarina says:

    It’s fantastic, I really like it. It looks really fashionable as it must be.

  66. Gia_Katrina says:

    Overall I like the new layout but (there’s always a but) I don’t care for the way collections are displayed. I prefer the old method when I could browse all the thumbnails and choose the ones I wished to open. Now we get the first 24 or so then have to view the rest as a slideshow or individually as larger pics — too slow. Please bring back the collections of thumbnails.

  67. booking77 says:

    Please please please REFRAIN FROM TOO MANY pop-up adverts, and tv’s flickering, and too many things loading up at once – it makes it SO difficult for us to scroll, and the speed is slow, and the pop-ups and most annoying!
    They just make sites soooo cheap looking!

  68. treehan says:

    well done! thank you.

  69. fleursdelis says:

    How come now with the new layout, fashion show slideshows don’t work with Chrome? And subsequently having problems logging in with Explorer. Come on, guys…

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