August 29 2014

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alia raza films wren’s lookbook


In the old days, designers would spiral-bind a few photos together and call it a lookbook. Such simplicity, while touching, just doesn’t cut it anymore. On the rise: the short film-cum-lookbook, a trend that Melissa Coker of Wren is working for Spring ’09. The L.A.-based designed asked her filmmaker friend Alia Raza to collaborate with her on a short that will debut next Thursday (having worked on similar projects with the likes of Chloë Sevigny, Kim Gordon, and Devendra Banhart in the past, this isn’t new turf for the filmmaker). The film’s called “Another 3 Women” and stars Karen Elson, Julia Restoin-Roitfeld, and Sarah Sophie Flicker. Raza combined the dialogue from Robert Altman’s film “3 Women” and Woody Allen’s “Another Woman.” “It’s less about the literalness of what is occurring on screen and more about what remains in our minds and influences us after we’ve seen a film or a work of art,” she explained from her set at the recently opened Gild Hall in the financial district, Jason Pomeranc’s newest Thompson Hotel property. “I like the idea of contemporary performers re-enacting lines combined from past films in order to create new scenes and new situations. Like my previous video series, ‘Hypnotic Cascade,’ it aims to make vague the boundaries between the worlds of contemporary art, cinema, and fashion.” One boundary this international threesome was debating was the art of accents; Flicker is a local, but Restoin-Roitfeld is French, and Elson is a Brit living in the American South. “Cate Blanchett—now she can do any accent,” Elson said from her perch in Gild Hall’s penthouse suite (think English country club, with leather chairs, old books, and Scottish tartans). “But you’d think I’d be better at a Southern accent. I live with two kids in Nashville, for heaven’s sake.”